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Code of Conduct


Everyone in our school community is of value and is deserving of courtesy, consideration and kindness.


1. Girls are expected to behave in an orderly and self-controlled way and to show respect for members of staff and for each other.


2. In class, make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach. (This means arriving on time with everything needed for that lesson, beginning and ending lessons in a courteous and orderly way, listening carefully, following instructions, helping each other when appropriate and being quiet and sensible at all times).


3. Move gently and quietly about the school, keeping to the LEFT in corridors and on stairs. (This means never running, barging or shouting, but being ready to help by opening doors, standing back 

to let people pass and helping to carry things).


4. Always speak politely to everyone, use a quiet voice and maintain silence when required.


5. School buildings and equipment must be treated at all times with care and respect.  Keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place of which we can all be proud. 


6. Correct school uniform must always be worn (including to and from school). Remember, the school’s reputation depends on how you look and behave.


7. Mobile ‘phones, personal audio equipment and other expensive and potentially disruptive items are not allowed in school.


8. No girl may leave school without permission.


9. Eating and drinking are not permitted in classrooms and chewing gum may not be brought onto school premises.


10. Smoking on school premises is absolutely forbidden at all times.


11. Any behaviour that brings the school into disrepute may result in exclusion from school, including abuse of the school’s email, internet and computer systems. 


12. Involvement with illegal substances, including alcohol, on school premises or acting in a way that endangers others will lead to exclusion from school.