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BSF Across the Curriculum


BSF opens up many opportunities for us to learn from and about the construction industry. We are very excited about possibility of site visits, career talks, and interviews with engineers, designers, architects, project managers and many more.

This is a chance to explore Science, Maths, Art, DT, Engineering, Geography, History…. and many more subjects in a real life situation.

It is also a great chance to learn about completely new ways to work and Career paths you have possibly never heard of, or considered!

In school students are still having opportunity to visit the site (though it has been very muddy out there)! Bruce Ingram resident artist and teacher has been co-ordinating projects across the curriculum.

The Art department have been working with Bruce Ingram (resident artist) on a project called “Hidden Treasures”. A-level groups produced a series of sculptures exploring the idea of demolition and discovery. See examples of this work in our gallery.

Bruce has worked with year 7 history students in creating sculptures based around the idea of an archaeological dig. The museum style display is in a cabinet in the foyer area of the school.

Year 9 English students have made graphic novels inspired by the building site to set a scene from Rome and Juliet, also Science students are examining forensics by exploring footprints using the school site as a case study.

The after school club have created a mural in the former entrance of the school, students from year 7, 8 and 9 have experimented with stencils and spray paints to make a colourful wall painting that reflects the energy and diversity of our school.

The Yr 11 Science students have been exploring forensics and using BSF as a site for collecting evidence.

Photography student April Gurney visits the site on a weekly basis to record the change’s happening. This is part of her coursework.

This term the BSF creative club are working on a sculpture project, creating relief sculptures with clay and plaster, the final installation of artworks will be installed in the entrance area of the school after half term, watch this space!