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Applied Business*

Applied Business is an ideal course for those who know they want to go into business when they finish their full-time education, and for many who don’t. Business is the wealth creating engine of our society. All the material things we need and want are due ultimately to someone, somewhere, doing business – making, selling, providing a service - with all that means in terms of resources, knowledge, skill and experience. Learning how a business functions is an excellent use of any student’s time, whatever her long term plans.

The first year of Applied Business at St Saviour’s and St Olave’s is an AS course which requires the completion of two pieces of coursework and one examination. The first piece of coursework involves the close study of a real company: what does it do? how is it organised? who are its customers? who are its competitors? how successful is it? The second piece of coursework involves studying how people function within a business environment: how they are selected, motivated, managed and integrated into a team, so that their professional lives are fulfilled and the company’s objectives are met.

The examination is sat at the end of the year and the questions centre on evidence which you will be able to study in advance. The evidence provides the context within which questions about marketing, production, personnel and finance could well be asked.
The design of the second year is similar: two pieces of coursework, one on devising a promotion campaign and the other on how to start up a company. Your company may not be real one, but the methods you use to set it up most decidedly are. The examination will be on the understanding of financial accounts needed to manage a company successfully.
For details about the examining board which designed the course, follow this link:
Teachers will aim to help make the subject come alive by arranging visits to local companies – we are fortunate in having on our doorstep Europe’s leading financial centre – and by inviting guest speakers to talk about their areas of special expertise.

Is Applied Business for you? If you like the idea of building up your own portfolio of work, with a much reduced examination requirement, if you are a practically-orientated person who might one day want to work in business, or if you are intellectually curious about how such a vital aspect of contemporary society operates, then we would love to receive your application.This page is currently awaiting content