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Duke of Edinburgh Award Update

Year 10 start their outdoor training!


The Y10’s started off their outdoor training on Saturday 9th February. Forty One students (our largest group yet) spent the day in Dulwich Park and Belair Recreation Rooms doing orienteering, tent building, stove safety and cooking practice in cold, grey, damp conditions.  It was their first taste of one pot, pasta and sauce cooking in the open. The 10 Orange group of Lottie Marcaud, Trish Chinzara, Sharon Darkwa and Catherine Nkaa won the orienteering challenge. The girls from 10 Red and 10 Green produced some of the best food but all worked well including Adama on her crutch! The girls who were in Fame did particularly well turning up after a busy week of rehearsals and shows. Weekly sessions continue in order for the students to prepare for their first overnight training expedition being held on April 20th in Sussex. My thanks to all the staff who assisted.

Mrs Pilgrim.