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CERN visit

Our very bright and extremely lucky scientists in year 12 visited CERN!

14 – 17 July 2013 CERN trip

 “The experience was amazing. We got to see the United Nations and CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research). We found out how new particles are discovered and why this research is important. As well as learning, we also had fun. In the evenings we walked along the lake and played games in Geneva’s peaceful parks. The country is also well known for its delightful chocolate and we visited a chocolate factory! One of my favourite parts of the trip was seeing the vertical water jet which I walked past and got soaked by. Overall, it was exciting!” Shanice St John

“I have enjoyed so much about Geneva: the sights, the smells and the Physics. I have gained a greater knowledge of particle physics, particularly though the masterclasses. Oh and I ran through the largest water jet in Europe and got soaked!” Ann Marie Ledgister

“On our second visit to CERN, we attended a workshop on analysing LHC data. The task allowed me to combine my love of maths and my passion for Physics. Split into groups of two, our task was to determine the ratio of W+ to W- bosons produced by colliding protons. I thoroughly enjoyed this because it was a hands-on taster of what it would be like to work at CERN.” Lauren Anderson

“As it was my birthday on our second day there, the best part of the trip for me was having everyone at dinner sing Happy Birthday to me! At CERN, looking at different parts of the collider was like an outer body experience (no really!). I felt like a real scientist. Most of all I bonded with my Physics class.” Mellissa Sue Anderson

“Going to CERN was fascinating. I learnt a lot, for example about antimatter, which is used in PET scans. The guided tour offered a unique opportunity to learn about different experiments at CERN. The most exciting were the masterclasses, when we used a website to do data analysis.” Lisa Tran

“This extraordinary experience has enhanced my appreciation for Particle Physics. The most inspirational aspect of the trip was the tour of the exhibitions around the LHC. In particular, the OSQAR display introduced the idea of the axion, which really pushed the boundaries of my understanding of particles. This experience was more than a trip, it was a journey through high energy Physics and will stay with me for a long time.” Emma Rahman

“I really enjoyed the data logging –it made me feel like a real scientist! Everyone who spoke to us made working at CERN someday a very tempting idea. Possibly the best school trip I’ve ever been on.” Megan Bow