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Risk Week 2015

Please find information about this year's Risk Week.

This year’s Risk Week took place throughout the week beginning 20th April and saw staff and students at St Saviours and St Olave’s taking risks, getting out of their comfort zone and celebrating learning through mistakes.

We learnt about how having a growth mind-set and taking risks can help us become better learners, be more successful and achieve our full potential. It’s true that the more you use your brain, the more neurons are produced and the stronger they become - just like a muscle!

As part of the week staff and students were encouraged to try new things in the classroom. Students took risks in their learning and were rewarded with Risk Week stickers. Students also led assemblies and wrote the week’s Thoughts For The Day.

There were also many activities on offer to encourage us to take a risk throughout the week. These activities included Murder in the Library - an opportunity to work through clues and figure out who the murderer was.  Zoolab came in with creepy crawlies and lots of staff and students got out of their comfort zone and touched big spiders and snakes! The ranger was very keen to explain the risks to us and the animals. Other fantastic activities included Risky Science, making keyrings in DT, creating a computer game, puzzle and maths club, football, yoga and first aid. Some students, such as Anayah Nicely in 8B, also bravely took it upon themselves to lead activities like an egg drop competition. Life skill workshops were also given by Barclays Bank and Time Inc., which we would like to thank them for.

One of the highlights of the week was the Risk Week Festival in the Mayflower Gardens. Staff and students had lots of fun trying risky food kindly donated by Waitrose. There were amazing performances to listen to, and indeed even the staff got out of their comfort zone and performed as a choir for the first time. Other activities included knitting and crocheting. Mr Bishop did a fantastic magic show that had everybody puzzled. It was also great to see students and staff taking a risk with hoola hoops, skipping ropes and balls. And who could forget Mr Sanders’ juggling?

Also, as part of risk week, one student from each form were given the opportunity to participate and help run Risk Week. They were very keen to organise and judge two competitions. The first competition was a poetry competition and was won by Grace Morenike Ikuesah 10 Orange. She wrote about not falling. The second was an art completion won by Denise Ekugwum in 8 Yellow who did a poster about taking a leap. Well done to those students.

It was a great week and we hope that staff and students (and indeed parents!) will continue to take risks and celebrate failure to in order to grow.