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Tuesday 13th January - Friends' Association Meeting

Details of the next Friends' Association meeting at 5:30pm on Tuesday 13th January.

A big thank you to those of you who were able to attend our Friends’ Association meeting earlier on this month.

St Saviour’s Friends’ Association is a parent-led group that meets regularly with SLT and, on some occasions, other members of staff. It provides an opportunity for parents to ask questions and engage in dialogue about issues to do with their daughter’s education. As parental feedback is important to us, parents are always encouraged to set the agenda for these meetings.

The group does not discuss issues relating to individual children or teachers, which can be raised through other channels. Rather, the Friends’ Association looks at school-wide issues that affect all students and are therefore relevant to all parents.

The next Friends’ Association meeting is on Tuesday 13th January, 5.30pm. All parents are most welcome.